Thursday, March 30, 2017

Art City Austin Fair

Exciting news!

I will be a featured Camiba Art Gallery artist at the Art City Austin Fair this weekend!  The event will be held at the Palmer Events Center from March 31st - April 2nd.

For tickets and information, please visit

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Solo Exhibition Photos + New Projects

I'm happy to report that my solo exhibition, "Circuit Topology", had a great opening and run at Camiba Art Gallery!  I had a healthy turnout and even made a few sales!  Now that it has concluded, I'd like to post some photos from the opening night:

Photography credit: David Bailie

Chatting with fellow artist, Mr. Benini

With Troy Campa, Co-Founder and Director of Camiba Art

We did it!

Me with "Fachwerk" during my artist talk!

"Circuit Topology" got listed in the Austin Chronicle, Art Austin, and Glass Tire!

*   *   *

So, I have a few new project ideas!  First, I have an update on "Topolograph":

"Topolograph" composition

Acetone transfer complete!

The real drawing begins... sensitivity, nuance, the Force.

Second, I'm planning a more politically-driven series based on Ambrogio Lorenzetti's "Allegory of Good and Bad Government".  I am composing the work as a large triptych that will interpret Lorenzetti's dramatic 14th Century governmental scenes using symbolic geometry and linear perspective.  My inspiration comes from the need to visualize the structure of contemporary American government and draw parallels between Sienese history and neo-fascism.  Lastly, I am also working on a sister series called "Checks and Balances".  It will also visualize governmental structure, but with a focus on the tension between the three branches - more details soon... In the meantime, here are a few ideation notes and sketches for my "Allegory":

Good Government (prototype)

Equality, Justice, Temporal Power

Perspectival ideas

"...Citizens acting in 'accord[ance] with the temporal and astral force that governs' them."

Good Government

Bad Government (aka trump)