Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Idears...

So, in light of being super busy preparing for the MN Biennial, I haven't gotten to doing much painting.  But, I have made a couple of useful sketches during work time breaks.  I recently bought a Rhodia dot pad and am loving the ability to make linear designs without the confusing disruption of gridlines.  I'm pretty excited about the conceptual yield from some of these sketches!   

Check it out: 

(This is a drawing of a recent dream that I had.  Could I make these spaces into specific places, as well?)

Lebbeus Woods.

Truncated squares
Some computer programs to note: Blender, Minecraft, Glitch, Game of Life... 

Mandala map?

Trembling tiles.

Stretching the grid.

Wrapping the grid.  (Dreamcatcher)

Digital topography?

Hmm...  it's at the tip of my tongue.  Still not quite there.

Prototype I

Prototype II

Prototype II (detail)

So, after three failed prototypes, I am certain my next drawing will succeed.  I know all the kinks and understand exactly what my next move will be.  I'm so close!

Almost done with the successful prototype!  Just need to finish inking it.  I will do a few more renderings and work out the last details that will make the perspectival design fully seamless within the Cartesian grid.  Next step: planning the more specific compositions and substrates for the paintings.  

More soon!   

* * *

P.S.  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  I was mulling around my studio and found this old drawing that I did when I was 13. Wow, apparently I knew what I was doing before I knew what I was doing.  What a trip.

I wish I could go back in time eleven years and give myself a high five :3


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Burren College of Art Annual Alumni Exhibition 2014

Yay!  "Perceptual Lapse" was selected for the Burren College of Art Annual Alumni Exhibition 2014!  Looks like my little drawing is headed back to Ireland :)

Perhaps I will also use this as an excuse to revisit Ireland and check out Berlin...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Great news! I will have work in the MMAA 2014 MN Biennial!

Holy guacamole!  I just got into a museum show in St. Paul.  For, like, a couple months at the Minnesota Museum of American Art.  (Wait, what?)  ...holy guacamole:  

"The jurors for the MMAA 2014 MN Biennial – Brian Frink (Rural America Contemporary Art), Meredith Lynn (Nemeth Art Center), and I – held our final meeting on May 2, 2014. There were many qualified applicants and the panel found selection challenging. We were very impressed by the strength and caliber of your work, and would like to include Postmodern Tectonics in the exhibition."

:) :) :) :)