Saturday, November 26, 2016

Electro-Pop Lady Grid II + Corner Installation WIP

Hey folks,

I finished "Electro-Pop Lady Grid II" and have now successfully scaled up my corner installation!  The corner piece will be the final piece in my upcoming solo show at Camiba Art.  I have no idea what to title the thing, but I'm sure it'll come to me soon... in the meantime, check out some new photos:

Electro-Pop Lady Grids I & II

Electro-Pop Lady Grid II

This piece was created by registering gel transfers of photocopied ink drawings onto hand-painted acrylic gradients, and then collaging them onto book board substrates.  Presented face-up on a pedestal, it blends illusory and sculptural spaces within a non-quadrilateral format, activating painting off-the-wall.  As the viewer investigates the piece's various perspectives, their body is denied entry by its small scale, forcing them to reckon with the anamorphic contradictions created by the painting's multi-planar surfaces.  "Electro-Pop Lady Grid" pulses with an electric cyber-queer energy, interposing spectrums between rigid binaries and disrupting expectations by bending perceptions of hierarchy.  Like a grand mountain, the undermost layer may become the summit, just as the trompe l'oeil recedes into the foreground.

Corner Installation

Scaled up!  Approx. 4 cubic feet... more soon!

The book board structure is complete!

It's so pink, it hurts my phone.  And I still have two more layers to paint! #FuckThePatriarchy

"Fachwerk" is complete!  (Better photos soon...)
Acrylic on book board substrate
30 in. X 30 in. X 32 in.

Color and space; counteracting the obviousness of the shadows by creating an illusionistic dimension that contradicts the painting's form.

The "tip of the iceberg" is emerging from the wall.  Talking points:
1) Equal values can appear unequal from different angles.
2) Flat shapes can become illusionistic extensions of three dimensional planes.
3) A shape's number of sides can change in Euclidean space. 
4) Triangles and squares are essential building blocks for creating continuity within anamorphic surfaces. (Thank you, Germany!)
5) The perimeter cannot be arbitrary.  Interior shapes must determine the perimeter to convey the painting's overall form. 
6) Flush edges convey an uncertain boundary between the wall and the painting.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mountain Frequencies!

Hey y'all, 

"Mountain Frequencies" just arrived!  It's printed on aluminum with a sheer glossy finish and I'm very happy with the results!  Check out the photos below: 

"Mountain Frequencies"
Photocopied ink drawing and origami; printed on aluminum 
34" X 40"

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Walter Russell

Hey y'all, 

I just had an interesting observation to share: Walter Russell.  Oh my Force...
During my artist residency in New Mexico, I meditated by floating in the nearby lake and envisioning geometric systems from the water's currents.  Inspired by my vision, I drew a Fibonacci circle system to describe a self-similar progression of interconnected circuits based on drainage patterns.  This eventually led to my "Topolograph" composition, which is scheduled for completion next year.  Today, I saw Walter Russell's diagrams of octave-wave progressions on Pinterest and was shocked to see he used the same geometry that I had discovered in New Mexico!  Could there be a link?  I don't know, but perhaps I have found yet another soul mate through the sands of time.

Fibonacci circle system


Walter Russell's octave-wave diagram