Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Starry Nights + Vermont Studio Center

Hello there,

Since beginning my artist residency at Starry Night Retreat in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, I have made a few new discoveries!  Currently, I developing my ideas regarding geomorphology, mixed media layering techniques, and mapping the entropy of organic forms within nature.  I have two new works and a couple of works in progress:

"Geomorphic Circuit"
India ink, acrylic, collage, and transparency film on wood panel
6" X 6"

The title, "Geomorphic Circuit", is a direct reference to the changing landscape. While in the Bisti Badlands, I was inspired by the buttes and hoodoos that had been eroded by dendritic drainage patterns. The resulting slot canyons formed fractal-like truncations that gradually spidered out into new directions. It got me thinking a lot about how sediment and water relationships are a lot like the relationship between surface and paint. 

To show this relationship in my work, I have begun to utilize new media and layering processes that harken to painting, but also explore potential via collage. Transparency film has become a tool to literally "animate" surface and show the gradual change from original to new forms. The geometric topology of "Geomorphic Circuit" is akin to a winding river that builds on old systems in order to transform into new ones.

"Dendritic Fossil"
Graphite, collage, and acrylic on wood panel
8" X 8"

Using the same compositional strategy as my "Handkerchief Series", I collaged the dendritic drainage patterns of spilt graphite and organized the space with grids and white acrylic paint.  My intention was to convey a sense of infinite scale by comparing natural fractals to Fibonacci proportions.  As the water leaves its fractal imprint on the surface, it flows between large and small grids, akin to its geomorphological movement via micro and macro-ecology.      

Here are some pics from my ideation wall and a few updates on works in progress:

Ideation wall

Mapping the Anasazi Ruins at Chaco Canyon

"Anasazi Circuit" process

Casting the landscape

Plaster cast unearthed

Casting with Hydrocal and fiberglass to create polygonal substrates

Switching to ph-neutral Strathmore paper, archival book board, and PVA glue to build polygonal substrates.

Progress on "Titanium Quartz" organic circuit painting

And lastly, some good news!  I was recently accepted to the Vermont Studio Center and waitlisted for the Banff Centre in Canada.  I will be attending VSC for two months from January - February 2016.  Wish me luck as I am still waiting for a spot to open up at the Banff Centre!

Vermont Studio Center

Ultimately, my master plan is to complete a suite of large drawings, as well as two new series of paintings during my artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center.  The large drawings will employ scale as a means of transporting the viewer’s body into geometric spaces akin to “Geomorphic Circuit”.  My process will include collaging and layering techniques to create multi-dimensional layers within animated surfaces. The first series of paintings will involve panels that contrast and contradict spaces and surfaces.  Like jiu-jitsu, the panels will use the wall in order to work against it.  The format of the substrates will be composed of interconnected quadrilaterals that will shift in and out of architectural space.  Akin to “Cyberspaces”, the second series of paintings will be presented face-up on a large pedestal.  These panels will be higher relief and their polygonal formats will simultaneously emerge and connect via interior angles.

Interior angles

Interconnected quadrilaterals

I will continue uploading completed works in the near future, so stay tuned!