Thursday, March 16, 2017

Solo Exhibition Photos + New Projects

I'm happy to report that my solo exhibition, "Circuit Topology", had a great opening and run at Camiba Art Gallery!  I had a healthy turnout and even made a few sales!  Now that it has concluded, I'd like to post some photos from the opening night:

Photography credit: David Bailie

Chatting with fellow artist, Mr. Benini

With Troy Campa, Co-Founder and Director of Camiba Art

We did it!

Me with "Fachwerk" during my artist talk!

"Circuit Topology" got listed in the Austin Chronicle, Art Austin, and Glass Tire!

*   *   *

Also, I have an update on "Topolograph":

"Topolograph" composition

Acetone transfer complete!

The real drawing begins... sensitivity, nuance, the Force.

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