Saturday, March 7, 2015

“Children’s Art Exhibition” + "Gallery Assistant Exhibition"

Hello folks!  

I have a very belated post regarding a few shows that I was delighted to be a part of last year.  The first show was curated and organized by my friend and colleague, Daniel Kerkhoff.  Daniel works with various international educational institutions to teach children art.  In his show, "Children's Art Exhibtion", in Cañar, Ecuador, Daniel included a print of my work, "Attractor"!  I am very excited to see my work facilitating the education of children in such a unique community!

You can learn more about Daniel Kerkhoff and his work via this link:

Secondly, I was proud to be part of a show in the guard lounge at the Walker Art Center.  The "Gallery Assistant Exhibition" featured works from many of the gallery assistants working at the Walker.  Two of my "Cyberspaces" were included in the show.  A big thanks to the managers who organized and set up the show!


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