Sunday, October 9, 2016

Circuit Topology Paintings Complete!

Hey y'all,

Exciting news, I just completed a new series of paintings for my upcoming solo show at Camiba Art Gallery!

"In Planar Camo" + "Tri-Circuit" + "Exotic Bird" + "Attractor"

Acrylic, gel transfer, collage, and transparency film
1 ft. X 1 ft. (each)

"Circuit Topology Poem"

I am in planar camo
as I weave between muscular tree roots
bursting from uneven concrete tiles,
up to a kaleidoscopic canopy

Knots of interwoven branches obscure the sun,
casting gothic rays down onto my
animal face

Instinct drives me
to an ancient geometric grotto,
located somewhere beyond the deep murmurs
of these uncharted tropics...

The series...

"In Planar Camo"


"Exotic Bird"


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