Thursday, October 20, 2016

Electro-Pop Lady Grid I

Hey folks,

Behold, I have just finished "Electro-Pop Lady Grid I"!  This piece was created by registering gel transfers of photocopied ink drawings onto hand-painted acrylic gradients, and then collaging them onto book board substrates.  Presented face-up on a pedestal, it blends illusory and sculptural spaces within a non-quadrilateral format, activating painting off-the-wall.  As the viewer investigates the piece's various perspectives, their body is denied entry by its small scale, forcing them to reckon with the anamorphic contradictions created by the painting's multi-planar surfaces.  "Electro-Pop Lady Grid" pulses with an electric cyber-queer energy, interposing spectrums between rigid binaries and disrupting expectations by bending perceptions of hierarchy.  Like a grand mountain, the undermost layer may become the summit, just as the trompe l'oeil recedes into the foreground.

Pedestal view 1

Pedestal view 2

Pedestal view 3

View from the front

There will be three compositions total!

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